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Extractable Nuclear Antigen Antibodies
Summary: Also Known As: Antibodies to Saline-extracted Antigens, Anti-RNP, Anti-Ribonucleoprotein, Anti-U(1)RNP, Anti-SmRNP, Anti-SSA, SSA (Ro), Anti-Sjögren Syndrome A, Anti-SSB, SSB (La), Anti-Sjögren Syndrome B, Anti-Sm, Smith Antibody, Scl-70, Anti-Topoisomerase, Scleroderma Antibodies, Anti-Jo-1, Antihistidyl Transfer, RNA Synthase Antibodies.

To help diagnose and distinguish between autoimmune disorders as well as to monitor autoimmune disease progression.
Series: ENA
Language: English
Format: Online Resource
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Publisher: Lab Tests Online UK

Last updated: 04/12/2018